Kilrush has expertise in all areas required to ensure successful results:

Major card-operating regulations including APACS and ISO 8583 and VISA regulations.
Quality testing EFTPoS products and Chip and PIN to ensure compliance with mandatory        standards including EMV.
Obtaining type approval from acquiring banks.
Management and integration of EFTPoS installations into EPOS systems.
Contactless cards.
Prepayment cards.
PCI standards.
Staff Training.
Production of training manuals.
Smart Card presentations and feasibility studies.
Reciprocity and acquirer regulations.
Presentations 'Staying Ahead in Retailing' for Chamber of Commerce & Business Links.
Chip and PIN enablement in advance of the proposed liability shift in 2005.

Business analysis.

Feasibility studies.
Project Management.
Functional specifications of EFTPoS systems.