EFTPoS solutions from Kilrush

EFTPoS systems designed and implemented for you by Kilrush Consultancy.

EFTPoS stands for "Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale". It is the standard business tool for receiving and encouraging payments from your customers. Kilrush offer advice and Consultancy on a range of solutions for all your card payment needs to help satisfy the growing number of customers who prefer to pay by card.

EFTPoS is the fast, efficient, secure and low cost way to facilitate your customers paying for goods and services by credit, charge or debit cards. Kilrush identifies and implements the most suitable and cost effective solutions from the range of solutions available for retailers and business' from small independent stores to major companies and chains.

Most supermarkets, petrol stations and retailers accept cards as a payment method and the number of EFT options increases every month. EFTPoS systems offer a number of benefits to your business. With a secure EFT system in place you can encourage more of your customers to pay using cards. If the rates for card acceptance are correctly negotiated, this can be cheaper than payment by cheque and funds are cleared and available more quickly than payment by cheque. EFTPoS also offers added security as transactions are electronic which means cash handling in minimised. This lowers the risk of theft as there is less cash on the premises. When EFT is correctly and securely integrated into an EPOS system there is less opportunity for operators to incorrectly key the value into a separate terminal or write the incorrect value on a card voucher. Consequently reconciliation problems are reduced. EFTPoS systems developed and managed under the guidance of Kilrush bring you advanced technology that is efficient, compact and fast in application as well as secure and reliable. Kilrush also evaluate other options that might be appropriate including allowing your customers the option of Dynamic Currency Conversion, cash back, printing out details of card transactions, authorising payments in accordance with available funds and checking if cards are lost or stolen.

Kilrush Consultancy will be able to advise you on all aspects of EFTPoS including card regulations, security and general banking practise. They can also provide ongoing support to ensure that you are getting the most out of your EFTPoS system.