EPoS solutions from Kilrush

EPoS systems implemented and installed for you by Kilrush Consultancy.

EPoS are Electronic Points of Sale systems, EFT is either integrated in EPOS or operates in stand-alone card payment terminals, found in retail outlets or businesses. Kilrush is a leading Consultancy in card payment systems and EFTPoS solutions. Their expertise covers all aspects of banking and major card regulations including Visa, MasterCard credit and debit cards, American Express and Diners charge cards.

Kilrush Consultancy specialises in practical project management and EFT solutions. They will design and implement the most appropriate card payment system for your individual business, whatever the size and requirements. They will also install you system, assist with staff training and provide you with any additional support you may need. Kilrush can advise you on a range of related subjects including all major credit card regulations, standards, security and EFT technologies.

Many projects Kilrush has been involved in have revolutionised PoS terminals and their use. These include SmartTrack, which enables hotel guests to check out at a self-service terminal, allowing them to pay quickly, securely and still get a VAT receipt. The PayPoint system has revolutionised the paying of gas, water and electricity bills. Customers now have the option of paying their utility bills in general retail outlets, quickly and securely. These terminals are situated in approved agents and are part of a widespread UK Network. These solutions involving Kilrush expertise have revolutionised the use of card payment terminals and EPoS.

Kilrush defined, specified and managed a trial, which resulted in 192 card transactions being authorized in real time from an aircraft flying between Hong Kong and Frankfurt, proving that Kilrush continually strives and succeeds in extending the boundaries of card acceptance in the marketplace.