Kilrush is a leading Consultancy in card payment systems, with experience in the UK, Channel Islands and Ireland. Fully conversant with banking practice surrounding debit, credit, and charge card payments, together with the current and emerging technologies supporting such transactions. In addition Kilrush is now involved in pre-payment/stored value solutions for point of sale in defining the new Single European Payment Area (SEPA) and PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards).

Supported by Connie Penn's comprehensive specialist knowledge and experience as a subject matter expert, Kilrush is able to offer customers a full range of services including:

 Consultancy in all aspects of cards - credit, debit, charge, pre-pay/stored value
 specification, design and procurement of card payment systems.
 implementation and rollout of payment systems.
SEPA card standards

Kilrush's in depth specialist knowledge covers all aspects of major card regulations, particularly Visa, APACS (UK card standards) and ISO 8583 standards, reciprocity and acquirer regulations. Kilrush is also fully conversant with smart card [chip], magnetic stripe, pre-pay/stored value & EFTPoS technology in stand-alone terminals and integrated in EPOS systems, as well as PCI DSS. This knowledge spans the full spectrum of the card cycle- both the card issuance and card acceptance aspects of card handling and everything in between. Connie has had hands on involvement in every project covered in this website.

She was involved in the launch of the AIB Visa Card in 1979, vetting card applications for the AIB Visa card, credit limit increases, and management of runaway spending on the cards. She supervised the authorisation centre at weekends on rote. It was here that Connie started to build her extensive knowledge of the VISA regulations.

Initially in Barclaycard, she was involved in debt control before moving to the card acquiring business when she worked in merchant relations, before moving to become involved in the launch of the PDQ service- the first EFT terminal in the UK.

It is this wide base of knowledge, gained from practical experience in this broad spectrum of card usage, from issue to acceptance and back to the issuer, that has enabled, Kilrush to assist its clients in developing leading edge systems. These systems then fully conform to the various card regulations that govern the full cycle of card usage.

When EMV Chip and PIN was first introduced in the UK, Kilrush was heavily involved in the Chip & PIN initiatives. Kilrush has worked to ensure that medium sized merchants in retail and hospitality, who process card payments on their own EPOS equipment are cared for as well as the large retailers. During the 16 years Kilrush has been running, it has been primarily focused on medium sized merchants in retail and hospitality, and virtually all card technology projects Kilrush has worked on, has ultimately enabled card acceptance, primarily for this sector of the market.

Towards the latter half of 2002, Kilrush realised that medium sized merchants were in danger of being overlooked in terms of Chip and PIN development. This was happening while the acquiring banks focused on the large retailers and the swap out of their terminals in the small retail market, where typically merchants use stand alone bank owned terminals. In an effort to ensure the systems used by middle range merchants with EFT software enabled within the EPOS application were not overlooked, Connie attended a number of seminars and drew attention to this fact. This produced a formation of the Hospitality Forum for Chip and PIN on this sector of the market.

Kilrush provides consultancy to merchants and EPOS suppliers who need independent advice as to which avenue to pursue in enabling Chip and PIN capability in their integrated systems. Connie also does presentations to business clubs, Value Added Resellers, EPOS suppliers and merchants explaining the move to Chip and PIN, the need to change and the options available to enable Chip and PIN at point of Sale. Currently the emphasis is on pre-payment, contact less and the PCI DSS standards for security of cardholder information.

Kilrush enjoys a unique combination of specialist knowledge in both banking and card regulations. This unique combination, coupled with sound yet versatile practical experience in the implementation of plastic payment systems in retail and hospitality has firmly positioned the consultancy as a leading exponent of planning and management of card systems in both banking and commercial environments.

Kilrush is also skilled in establishing partnership developments and/or direct relationships. Kilrush works with many well-known and respected retailers, acquirers, hardware & software system suppliers and VARs. Kilrush's knowledge and experience of all aspects of card handling will ensure that even if the answer is not known, because no one has yet thought of the question, Kilrush's wide ranging knowledge of card regulations will ensure they at least they know where to look for the answers. Kilrush prides itself in being able to introduce innovative business solutions tailored to the client requirements, whatever the size of your business or your requirements in respect of card payment technology.

' the card payement technology solution provider for suppliers and/or end users '

Kilrush Consultancy Ltd
In 1993, as an independent consultant Connie was responsible for total procurement, from requirement's specification through to supplier selection and rollout for a card system, which incorporated an in-house card scheme for the Le Riches stores group in the Channel Islands. Connie identified and implemented a solution showing major identifiable benefits - cost containment, capital outlay payback in an identifiable time-frame, and ensured the delivered system had total flexibility for future expansion and enhancements of the in-house card business. Serious consideration was given to issuing the Le Riches card as a smart card in 1993. As part of the evaluation process for smart cards Connie prepared and delivered foundation courses for senior management on Smart technology and completed a feasibility study on smart cards for the Group. This work led Connie to set up her own company - PENN Consultants, now known as Kilrush Consultancy Ltd.

During 1993, PENN Consultants also started to help EFTPoS application suppliers to develop their software and products. They ensured the suppliers complied with the card regulations and the acquirers' requirements. On an ongoing basis they continued to work with these original clients helping them to implement changes, advising them of updates required to their software as required by the industry in their attempt to cope with fraud, improvements in technology, and the demands of their card merchants and customers.

Helping EFTPoS application suppliers develop their software led to Kilrush helping EPOS hardware and software suppliers integrate EFTPoS applications into their systems. These two services are the mainstay of the consultancy.

Kilrush has also helped some EPOS suppliers develop their own EFTPoS applications for their software. Kilrush has also been involved in other one off special projects, detailed in 'Projects'.

In 1998 a parent company was set up - Kilrush Consultancy Ltd.

Connie's success is such that she has been featured in 'The Irish in Britain business yearbook' since 2001' which show cases the best of Irish talent which has permeated through every kind of business in the UK.

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