After 3 years in university, Connie's career began in the front line of banking - customer services - and the implementation of new computerised systems in branch banking.

In 1979 she became involved in the organisation of Ireland's credit card business - AIB VisaCard. In this role she co-ordinated the establishment of Allied Irish Bank's VisaCard credit control, new card applications and credit limit increases departments.

In 1981 she moved to Barclaycard in the UK. In 1987 she was an integral part of the team that introduced Barclaycard's electronic card terminals to the Point of Sale [PDQ]. Whilst employed at Barclays Bank plc she also assisted in the launch of Barclays PDQ off line service. Connie was responsible for quality testing, specifying changes for the Fortronic F75 terminal, and drawing up operational procedures for the PDQ portable terminal. She was the creator and author of the original online and off line procedure guide for the Credit Card Technical Committee (CCTC). Connie was the accredited representative of Barclays Bank plc on the CCTC subcommittee charged with establishing and producing operational procedures.

In 1989 Midland Bank recruited Connie in the role of Implementation Manager. This opportunity gave Connie full control of the implementation of electronic card solutions for 57 major retail accounts. She gave expert advice and guidance on both system development and integration of merchants proposed EFTPoS solution into their EPOS equipment at Point of Sale and Head Office systems and ensured the correct processes were in place to facilitate reconciliation throughout the retailers organisation. This role included the management of the implementation of total EFTPoS solutions for Shell UK and British Shoe Corporation, including the integration of the systems in their Head Office accounts departments. Connie also provided expert assistance during the design and specification of Midland Banks EFTPoS terminal for small retailers.

Moving on from Midland Bank Connie joined a major EPOS supplier - TEC UK. Her experience of banking, banks and retail customers provided her with the qualifications to become Project Manager in the development and delivery of an interfaced EFTPoS system to Wm. Morrisons. Connie enabled the end to end solution. She specified the development, quality tested and project managed the installation and rollout of the interfaced EFTPoS solution with the group's POS equipment. The solution incorporated 2,000 + Points of Sale in 60 + stores and the system was delivered within predefined time-scales and budgets.

Connie built on her success with Wm. Morrisons by designing and quality testing an integrated card system for TEC UK's open PC based EPOS system. This system operated in real time in conjunction with the retailer's own head office system, in respect of both EPOS and EFTPoS processing. This state of the art system was subsequently installed for some of the UK's most prestigious retailers e.g. Aquascutum, Fortnum & Mason, and Heffers Bookshops.

Connie then set up Penn Consultats and in 2003 Kilrush Consultancy Ltd.